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Installing Multi-Node OpenStack Folsom with DevStack

These days we are preparing to release WSO2 Stratos 2.0 PaaS Foundation and we needed to install OpenStack in multiple nodes in our lab environment.

In this guide I'm going to explain how to install OpenStack Folsom using the DevStack script [1] and also how to install additional Compute Nodes.

Installing OpenStack was not an easy task. I spent last 5 days to install and configure the OpenStack and tried various guides.

Earlier we used Damitha's guide to Install OpenStack Essex on a single node [2]. Then we followed different guides. Finally we decided to try the DevStack script, which is a great option to install and run an OpenStack cloud in a local development environment.

Using Nova Network
This guide uses the Nova Network instead of the Quantum Network plugin. I followed a really good guide [3] at, which also use the Nova Network. Quantum Network Plugin is bit complicated and we need two physical network interfaces. I'm planning to install OpenStack…