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Java CPU Flame Graphs

Update (September 14, 2015): Java 8 Update 60 was released on August 18, 2015. There are some recent changes to "perf-map-agent". There is no longer a script named "perf-java" and you should use "bin/ "

Brendan Gregg shared an exciting news in his Monitorama talk: The "JDK-8068945" is fixed in Java 8 Update 60 Build 19!

Without this fix, it was not possible to see full stack in Java with Linux perf_events and standard JDK (without any patches). For more information, see Brendan's Java CPU Flame Graphs page.

The Problem with Java and Perf
First of all, let's see what's the problem with using current latest Java and perf.

For this example, I used the same program explained in my previous blog post regarding FlameGraphs.
java org.wso2.example.JavaThreadCPUUsage.App
Then I sampled on-CPU functions for Java program using perf. (See Brendan's Perf Examples)

sudo perf record -F 99 -g -p `pgrep -f JavaThreadCPUUsage…