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Stack Depth in Java Flight Recorder

Have you seen "~ UNCLASSIFIABLE ~.()" in the Call Tree Tab when analyzing a Flight Recording in Java Mission Control? That means, you have stack traces with more than 64 frames.

The default stack depth in Java Flight Recorder is 64 and it can be changed with stackdepth option in -XX:FlightRecorderOptions flag. Please read my Medium story for more details on the Stack Depth in Java Flight Recorder.

Java Flight Recorder Cheat Sheet

I created a cheat sheet for using Java Flight Recorder. It has steps to start Fight Recordings using JVM flags or using Diagnostic Commands in jcmd command.

See: Java Flight Recorder Cheat Sheet

Linux Performance Observability Tools

For at least 2 years, I wanted make a "cheat sheet" for some of the popular Performance Observability Tools in Linux.

Today, I could finally publish a Medium story about "Linux Performance Observability Tools"

Ballerina Services in Serverless World

Ballerina is a new programming language being developed by WSO2. Ballerina is optimized for integration and it makes writing HTTP services very easy.

I wrote a Medium story about Ballerina Services in Serverless World, which discusses how you can deploy your own Ballerina Service as a serverless function in AWS Lambda.