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Java Garbage Collection

In this blog post, I'm briefly introducing important concepts in Java Garbage Collection (GC) and how to do GC Logging. There are many resources available online for Java GC and I'm linking some of those in this post.

Why Garbage Collection is important?
When we develop and run Java applications, we know that Java automatically allocates memory for our applications. Java also automatically deallocates memory when certain objects are no longer used. As Java Developers, we don't have to worry about memory allocations/deallocations as Java takes care of the task to manage memory for us.

This memory management is a part of "Automatic Garbage Collection", which is an important feature in Java.  It is important to know how Garbage Collection manages memory in our programs.
See Java Garbage Collection Basics, which is a great "Oracle by Example (OBE)" tutorial to understand the basics in Java GC.

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