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Java Performance Monitoring Libraries

There is a proposal to build performance probes in WSO2 Platform. For that I started looking in to some performance monitoring libraries.

Following libraries were mentioned in the WSO2 architecture thread.
MetricsParfaitJAMon (Java Application Monitor) While looking in to these libraries, I found out about following also. Java Simon - Simple Monitoring APIPerf4J
Here is a quick comparison of each project. These comparison criteria are based on the requirements in above proposal.

Metrics ParfaitJAMonJava SimonPerf4JLicenseApache License 2.0Apache License 2.0JAMon LicenseNew BSD LicenseApache License 2.0SourceGitHubGoogle CodeSourceforgeGitHubGitHubLatest Version3. PublishedSep 4, 2014Jun 01, 2011Aug 20, 2014Oct 29, 2014Oct 16, 2011Java Version-Java 6-Java 7-CountsYesYesYesYesNoTimingsYesYesYesYesYesJMX SupportYesYesNoYesYesEnable/DisableNoNo*YesYesYes*
* Not confirmed

Let's look at each library in brief.

Metrics provides various measuring instrument…