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Flame Graphs with Java Flight Recordings

Flame Graphs
Brendon D. Gregg, who is a computer performance analyst, has created Flame Graphs to visualize stack traces in an interactive way.

You must watch his talk at USENIX/LISA13, titled Blazing Performance with Flame Graphs, which explains Flame Graphs in detail.

There can be different types of flame graphs and I'm focusing on CPU Flame Graphs with Java in this blog post.

Please look at the Flame Graphs Description to understand the Flame Graph visualization.

CPU Flame Graphs and Java Stack Traces
As Brendon mentioned in his talk, understanding why CPUs are busy is very important when analyzing performance. 
CPU Flame Graphs is a good way to identify hot methods from sampled stack traces.

In order to generate CPU Flame Graphs for Java Stack Traces, we need a way to get sample stack traces.

Brendon has given examples to use jstack and Google's lightweight-java-profiler. Please refer to his perl program on generating CPU Flame Graphs from jstack and his Java Flame Graphs b…