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A dream come true

I got my HP dv5t laptop today!

It looks great!


I have been waiting for almost 2 years to create a blog.. and finally my dream came true..

Yes! it's vacation! I had so many plans after I completed the exam in June. I was bit scared about the exam as I couldn't try my best at the exam. I got my results this month and I'm happy about my marks.

One of my plans was to create my own blog.. I'm very much inspired by some of my friends' blogs and I wanted my own blog badly. Actually, I'm writing this post after 19 days creating this blog.

I didn't get much "free time" as expected. These days I'm very busy with my office work. Sometimes, I fed up with programming, as I'm staring at the monitor 10 hours per day! But I enjoy what I'm doing. These days we're developing a web application using ICEfaces, Spring and Websphere eXtreme Scale. Working with new technology is always very interesting. But I'm exhausted.....

Best thing happened in this vacation was our batch trip. We all went to Nuw…