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Installing NS-2 on Ubuntu

In this year I started following the Master of Computer Science (MCS) at University of Colombo School of Computing and these days I'm following a module named "Advanced Concepts in Data Communication Networks"

The lecturer asked us to install a program called NS-2 and to play around with it as we will get an assignment on it soon!

As usual when I hear a new name, I just googled for it and found the official website:

What is NS-2?
NS-2 is a Network Simulator. According to Wikipedia, NS-2 is a "discrete event network simulator" and the latest available version as of now is NS-3, which is available at
The difference between NS-2 and NS-3
The FAQ at clearly mentions the difference between NS-2 and NS-3. NS-3 is a new software development effort and uses C++ programs or python scripts to define simulations. However NS-2 uses OTcl for scripts. 
So the most important thing here is that NS-2 scripts will…

OpenStack Single-Node Installation with DevStack

In my previous post, I explained how to install OpenStack in Multi-Node environment with DevStack.

If you want to install the OpenStack in a Single Machine, you can follow the same steps for the Controller Node Installation in my previous post.

You can omit the "MULTI_HOST=1" line from the localrc.

For example, following is a "localrc" configuration used to install OpenStack in a single machine.