Back to blogging.. Exactly one year after

I always wanted to keep my blog up to date, but as you can see, I couldn't do it. :D

Twitter is one of the reasons for not blogging recently. I joined Twitter exactly 555 days ago and now I'm addicted to it. I didn't use it frequently after I joined, but now Twitter is one of the first things I check when I start the computer. It all started in the month of April, when I was doing a coursework.

So many things happened in this year.

In this year also, our batch went to Nuwara-eliya in July. This time we spent two nights there and had a great time. We enjoyed a lot! :D

I also got a chance to go to India in August. Me and my friend went to Bangalore to present a paper for International Workshop on Technology for Education (T4E'09). See my diGIT article for more details.

diGIT? yes! It is an online IT magazine and it was a great opportunity for me to contribute. I got to know the editor-in-chief of diGIT, Mr. Gihan via Twitter. I thank Gihan for giving me the opportunity to contribute.

I wrote 4 articles on ICEfaces and here are the links:
Introducing ICEfaces!
Getting started with ICEfaces and Eclipse.
Ajax Push with ICEfaces.
Ajax Push with ICEfaces, Using RenderManager API.

That's it. I don't have a mood to write all here. ;)

Now the final year of the degree has started and there are so many things to study. Even though it's the final year, I have to wait two more years to the get the degree as I'm doing it part time. Now we get coursework every week and it's really hard to have a good night's sleep these days. :)

Finally, here is the important thing. As you may have seen, my previous post was about a dream come true. I bought an HP dv5t laptop from USA and got it on 20th December 2008. Yes, it was a dream for a long time. To have my own laptop and I'm really glad that I type this post using the same laptop. :)

Here is a photo I took when I was in India. (The photo is not very clear)

This laptop is the main reason for writing this blog post as I wanted to blog about it when it completes a year.

This TwitPic shows the system information obtained using Speccy

I'm also waiting for Christmas! Love this time of the year. Too bad Santa Clause is not coming to my home now! :)

Okay, it's time to stop now. By the way, I'm sorry if you see any mistakes in this post. I'm not good at writing now.. Believe me, I was really good, but for some reason I have lost that ability.


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