Oracle VM VirtualBox on Linux - Failed to access the USB subsystem

As you may know already, Oracle VM VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization software.

I installed it on my laptop, which runs on Linux Mint 14.

Whenever I go to VM settings, I get a warning saying "Failed to access the USB subsystem". The warning also provides the solution!

"VirtualBox is not currently allowed to access USB devices. You can change this by adding your user to the 'vboxusers' group. Please see the user manual for a more detailed explanation."

The vboxusers group is created during the VirtualBox installation.

Now you can use following command to add your username to vboxusers group.

$ sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers username

Please remember to log out and log back in again.

You can see whether you are in vboxusers using following command.

$ cat /etc/group | grep vboxusers

That's it!

No more warning message and you can use USB devices with VirtualBox!


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