Apache Stratos - The Open Source PaaS Framework

Recently, WSO2 proposed the "Apache Stratos" as an incubating project at the Apache Software Foundation. The vote for Stratos proposal started about a week ago.

We are really excited to hear the news that voting has passed less than 20 hours ago and Apache Stratos project is now officially in the incubator.

Apache Stratos will be a polyglot PaaS framework and it will be possible to run on any IaaS supported by jclouds. Interestingly, the jclouds is also currently an Apache incubating project.

The proposed Apache Stratos committer list includes developers from WSO2, Cisco, SUSE, Citrix, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), Sungard and Engine Yard. I'm really happy that I'm also in the initial committer list!! :)

We recently released the Stratos Foundation 2.0 GA, which will be the last release of "Stratos" from WSO2.

The Stratos 2.0 GA release is also featured in many technology web sites such as InfoQ, JAXenter, BusinessWireKavis Technology etc.

Following diagram shows the Apache Stratos Architecture and you can find more details at WSO2 Wiki docs for now.

Everyone is welcome to join the Apache Stratos community and help to make it The Best 100% Open Source PaaS framework! :)


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